February 12, 2012

Mean Ol' Meany's back!

Harsh, but not wrong.
With the controversially titled "Blackuary 12, 2012 - Black Presidents Suck" Paul has posted a strong post. He's been back for a while after having taken a blogging sabbatical. But I had missed it, assuming that the down time was going to be permanent. I'm glad he's back and glad I have some catch up reading to do.

In case you couldn't tell, Paul doesn't like dislikes hates president Obama.  That doesn't make him racist - it makes him someone who questions the qualifications and decision-making of this president.  He does so in a deliberately provocative way.  

There is perhaps an understood irony in that no matter how he made his charges of the president being unqualified for his role, he would be painted as a racist because he is a conservative, criticizing a liberal president.  The merit of the charges doesn't matter - what matters is how he could be tarred and feathered for the  discourse. Paul seems to have embraced the label, knowing he cannot by-pass it and simply has decided to forge ahead with the argument after some deliberate embrace of a seemingly racist headline.  Then he goes on to put together a cogent argument against a bad president and bad policy decisions.

You'll see this happen endlessly in the general election this year.  The charge of racism has already resurfaced against some of the president's critics.  It will cause many to tone down or even stop their criticisms out of fear.  That's the goal - mute the criticism any way possible.  Mute the criticism and you stop the debate before it can even start.  That's why this election is far bigger than Obama.  it's about the underpinnings of the nation, both economic and Constitutional (free speech).  The roar of the left is going to come.  If you believe the president has done a bad job, don't let the roar drown out your voice before you've made your point.

Like Paul.  Welcome back.


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