February 2, 2012

Trump card Romney

Um, yeah.  Donald Trump endorsed Mitt Romney.  I'm not sure who that benefits the most; Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Donald Trump or Barack Obama.  There's a reason to believe each.

The Romney theory:  Every endorsement counts and one from a self-professed far right - let me see Obama's birth certificate - conservative, helps Romney's credibility with the very conservative.

The problem with that is that Trump endorsed Obama.  Trump is not conservative, he's playing to the conservative kook stereotype, not because he believes it but because he can exploit it in some way.  The other problem with it - it's a billionaire endorsing a billionaire who just mentioned he doesn't care about the very poor.  The optics are brutally bad.  Furthermore, Trump has positioned himself as a kook.  Take Iraq's oil? Really?  This endorsement does NOT help Romney.

The Gingrich theory:  Apparently the endorsement will do more harm than good. So perhaps the endorsement of Romney was designed to help Gingrich instead.  True subterfuge.

The problem with that theory is that it's just silly.

The Donald Trump Theory:  Trump doesn't do anything unless it helps Trump.  By putting himself back in the news right before the next season of Celebrity Apprentice (Feb 19th apparently), the timing is well, good for Trump.  Self promotion is Donald Trump's thing.  It doesn't matter if he makes a mockery of the Republican  candidates and primaries.  In fact, since he supported Obama last time, maybe it's a bonus.

The problem with that theory?  There isn't a problem with it actually.  But let me offer one last theory.

The Obama Theory:  Donald Trump made himself look kooky in his show-me-your-birth-certificate.  Any GOP endorsement makes them look kooky by association.  Who does that help? Obama. Billionaire endorsing billionaire going into a cycle where the president is going to frame every single issue on class warfare helps- say it with me - Obama.  Having the endorsement come right after Romney saying he doesn't care about the very poor helps - Obama.

The added bonus for Obama?  Trump had said that if a good candidate didn't get the GOP nomination.  Now if Gingrich (or Santorum wins) Trump can run third party - and that clearly helps Obama.  On the other hand if Romney wins, team Obama is most prepared to face him.  They have a game plan ready to go - he's clearly beatable.  And having Trump on the sidelines reminding people Romney is part of the party of kooks, and he's an out-of-touch rich guy.

Sure, this helps Trump, but I'm sure when he heard it, president Obama could not conceal a smile.

Addendum:  This video was brought to my attention via Greg Y at Newsy, after I wrote this post.  The story makes some of the same points I was making.  It's worth a watch.

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