February 11, 2012

Why I didn't go to CPAC this year

In the spirit of full disclosure, two things, (1) CPAC is the annual Conservative Political Action Conference and (2) I've never been there.  However, I've always wanted to go - at least since 2008 when I first heard of CPAC. It sounds like a terrific place to meet fellow conservatives and see some conservative icons

There is no nefarious reason like I refused to be in the same place as faux conservative Mitt Romney. In fact I had planned on attending the conference this year, but the reason I haven't attended is that I couldn't scrape together the funding to do it. But I do plan on making sure I can attended it next year. And you can help by simply occasionally clicking on an ad on the right hand side of my blog.  If you do, thank you and even if you don't, thanks for reading or even checking out my blog.

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