February 6, 2012

2012 Election - choice words

drum beat
As conservatives look to unseat the president, there are a few choice words that many would like to direct the president's way.  But those types of words that come to mind are typically incendiary, often obscene and most often ineffective in accomplishing their goal.  Instead, Republican supporters need to take a page out of the liberal playbook and start using repetitive language in the form of catch phrases that will hopefully remain in the conscious of American voters.  In that spirit, 

I've offered a few phrases here that might be worth consideration.

Here are a few phrases worth getting into the national conversation.

  • creative misdirection

  • true unemployment rate
  • dangerous national debt level
  • fictitious/artificial recovery
  • the underlying fundamentals are weak
  • where is the sense of American exceptionalism?
  • businesses are still hurting
  • over-regulation has hamstrung American small business
  • misguided or ill-considered regulations
  • Obama's approach is anti-Wall Street, not pro-Main Street
  • He didn't collaborate, and he won't collaborate.  His approach to political dialogue is warfare.

That's just a discussion starter.  If anyone else has some suggestions worth constant putting up a constant drumbeat, I'm happy to participate.  First though, we need to establish what that drumbeat should say.

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