February 14, 2012

OMG, Obama must be stopped!

Dear America,

Please, please, PLEASE do not re-elect this president guy.  He's talking about unilateral disarmament now.  He's talking about massive military cuts and ceding international preeminence to China.  Thank God his budget is D.O.A.  Nevertheless, his agenda has been, continues to be and will continue to be - if allowed - damaging to the United States of America.

Whether it is deliberate or not no longer matters.  Damage has been done and it will only get worse.  With Jimmy Carter the United States proved it could rebound very successfully from four years of a bad president.  Given the incremental level of danger, there is no reason for the United States to test itself with eight years of a bad president.  President Obama has enacted radical, expensive and unsustainable legislation.  He has bought the country controlling interest in General Motors.  He has enacted regulation that is burdensome and unwieldy for business.  He has hamstrung the energy sector by blocking oil and natural gas development at every possible turn while simultaneously enabling unsustainable solar power companies like the now bankrupt Solyndra.

He has bowed to foreign leaders with whom the United States is not the greatest of allies, while disrespecting the Queen of England, undercutting Israel and forcing it's closest neighbor and ally Canada to sell it's oil to China instead of working with them to bring the oil to American refineries.

He has forced religious organizations like Catholic hospitals to provide contraception coverage to it's employees, regardless of the fact that such mandates are not Constitutional and trample upon the religious freedom of those organizations.  Purposeful?  Who cares if it is or not.  It is dangerous to America and anathema to its liberty.  You still believe in liberty, don't you America?  This sort of decisioning is contrary to the first amendment.  That the president has backed off in a supposed compromise is not only insufficient, it is beside the point.  The real concern is that the president, a supposed constitutional scholar, would not take that sort of implication into consideration is deeply disconcerting.

It no longer even matters who the Republican nominee for president turns out to be. At this point, what is urgently needed is to stop travelling in the direction the country is still moving.  Yes, it would be better to find a presidential nominee to reverse the country from travelling towards the economic cliff and the collapse of liberty.  But even finding someone who will stop the progress is better than nothing.

It may sound alarmist, but the risk is simply to great to give Obama another four years.  Without the worry of another re-election, the president would be unfettered to push forward an even more radical agenda.  

DO NOT RE-ELECT PRESIDENT OBAMA America.  You cannot afford his destruction of the foundations of a once great nation to continue.  The country may not survive.  

I'll make you a deal - vote him out, and I won't ask "What were you thinking?"


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