February 11, 2012

Department of Education Tripe

Forget calculus, study unicorns and rainbows.
On Friday the Department of Education had a press release which include only a little more than the following *(emphasis added);
The Department of Education today announced the release of its draft Environmental Justice (EJ) strategy. The Department’s draft EJ strategy focuses on healthy learning environments for students, energy-efficient school facilities, sustainability education and environmental literacy, and energy efficiency in the Department’s facilities. This draft EJ strategy is the Department’s plan to address environmental justice concerns and increase access to environmental benefits through the Department’s policies, programs, and activities.
Why the Department of Education is focused on environmental justice instead say - EDUCATION - is beyond comprehension.  What's worse, is that it has taken the effort to include, as noted in the emphasis above - brainwash kids about environmentalism.  This is where your tax dollars that go education get wasted.  You have to be on board with the government line, okay.  You want to work towards energy efficient school - that makes sense. But the whole press release just smacks of wasted millions, and misdirected efforts of a department designed to educate America's children.

While children in China, India and Germany and most other countries focus on say math and physics and literacy, American children are going to be busy learning about sea kittens and windmill power.

Wasteful and stupid about covers it.

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