July 3, 2009

Palin Heartache?

Governor Palin is resigning as Governor of Alaska.


I don't think so. Who knows what happens from here. Her career could be over or just moving to another phase. But the "Eat Their Own" mentality of some conservatives is really disgraceful. And that IS a heartache.

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air whom I respect and usually agree with thinks she's being weak. Really Ed? This is day one. Do you really want to be the instant reaction political version of Perez Hilton, who speculated a little too early over the Michael Jackson heart attack? Maybe Governor Palin is going to concentrate on running for President. Or Congress or the Senate. Maybe she's just sick of being a punching bag for the left, and some of the right. And her children were not immune from the spite either. If she's leaving politics, how can you blame her?

Then there's Charles Krauthammer saying she wasn't a serious Presidential contender.

This is the type of stuff we expect from the far left. Not from our own. She hasn't even left office yet - are you trying to score shock value attention by beating the left to use her as a pinata?

She alone handed John McCain a shot at getting back in the Presidential race last year - he was the one who blew it, not her. How soon we forget. Kudos to those who have had enough class to appreciate her work for conservatives.

Sanford needs to sort his life out, Jindal fell flat on the GOP rebuttal speech. Now Palin is leaving office and before the whole story is out some on the right are all over her. Anybody else you want to beat up? How about we go after Rush and Beck and Romney and Gingrich again. Pretty soon the face of conservatism will be a cardboard cutout of Ronald Reagan. C'mon people, cut each other some slack and fight the real enemy!

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