July 21, 2009


Ultra left liberals are terrific for accusing conservatives of having ulterior motives when they themselves are the ones couching their true agendas in safe sounding terms and false agendas. They are wonderful of accusing conservatives of racism, sexism, greed, and any other number of evil behaviors that they themselves exhibit.

It's part of their playbook. Make outrageous claims to hide your own outrageous behavior. Then if the claims are returned back at you, you accuse the accuser of being reactionary and defensive, of parroting your 'real' claims and your own agenda isn't exposed.

Now according to Stratfor, on July 17th in Iran, a semi-spontaneous outburst at an anti-Ahmedinejad protest, chants of "death to Russia" erupted. Strange. "Death to America" is normal, and recently "death to China" has recently been added. But why Russia?

According to the Stratfor article Russia has openly accused the United States of fermenting and fostering the Orange Revolution in the Ukraine where the country turned from Russia towards a pro-Western world view via a popular uprising. And similarly Ahmedinejad and his allies have accused Britain and the United States of sparking the Green Revolution in Iran. Why? The Ahmedinejad camp clearly are claiming supporters they do not have, and clearly the election was not clean at a minimum and rigged at worst. They know it, and they know that everyone knows it. So by blaming others they are trying to stop the counter claims that they are responsible. They are levelling the playing field by having counter claims to the truth.

It's just another example to be aware could happen. It could happen to you. It could happen to other conservatives. When you hear that radical crackpots dispute the 'truth' about global warming, remember who is accusing them of that - the radical crackpots - with an agenda - themselves.

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