July 1, 2009

Latest Rasmussen - Obama's flat

The latest from Rasmussen Reports is showing a continuation of a flattening trend. In the past when public opinion started turning a bit against the President, he would hold a press conference and with a combination of saying the right things (whether he believed them or not), getting softball questions and just being visible (i.e. being the anti-Bush) he would revive his ratings. You can see in the Rasmussen graph below, where he's done that.

But despite the blips, the numbers have stayed relatively converged for a little while now. Perhaps the tipping point has been reached. Not in time to halt Cap & Trade in Congress but perhaps in the Senate. And hopefully in time to halt the health care 'reform'.

The other interesting thing about the graph, that may or may not be relevant anymore, is that each spike the President produced was a temporary spike. If he believes that is ow he has to combat any deterioration in his job approval/popularity ratings then it means he's going to have to spend a lot of his efforts on public relations. It's not the most productive use of his time. Perhaps as conservatives we should be thankful for that.

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