July 27, 2009

Presidential Diva

Me. ME. ME. ME! ME!!!

You're going to ruin my Presidency. (And I won't let that happen.) But this isn't about me.

Although, things have been going so well up until now. I gave the Queen of England an iPod with my speeches on it. Even she realizes how great and important I am. The people of Europe adore me, just like in America. And I'm only just beginning.

Soon I'll have cancer cured, the middle east solved to my liking, China will on board with everything I do, health care and cap and trade are just the beginning.

I am so awesome! Just look at my press clippings! I'm the greatest President ever. I can do no wrong.


Does this mean that if things start to go wrong he will shave his head, divorce Kevin Federline and end up in celebrity rehab?

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