July 8, 2009

Affordable Housing Debacle - Reminding You About Democrat Failures

First there was the red flag being raised before the election that the housing crisis was caused by government intervention, NOT de-regulation was the cause of the global financial crisis.

Remember this video?

Now comes the proof. The government did it. Carpe Diem has the story.

The real tragedy of the government’s affordable housing policy is the impact on average Americans, particularly those of modest means. Millions of these borrowers, who were supposed to have been helped by federal affordable housing policy, have now been forced into delinquency and foreclosure, destroying their asset base, their credit, and in some cases their families. For example, Latino homeowners, who once appeared to be among the most frequent beneficiaries of affordable housing policies, are now the victims of the policies that their political representatives in Washington once championed.
And yet Latinos predominantly vote Democrat. Democrats count on your inattention to keep power. They could not possibly be so wrong and get away with so much otherwise.

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