July 22, 2009

GREAT NEWS: Another Obama Press Conference

Tonight. In case you missed all the previous President Obama press conferences, there's another tonight. President Obama, Superman that he is, will once again take to the airwaves to address the nation via press conference, in an attempt to resuscitate the flagging support for his undesigned but oh-so-needed Obamacare plan. More than once in the past he has gone to the people and revived his slowly diminishing support. He plans to do it again. What does he plan to say? He'll likely badmouth Republican 'partisans' for not coming together on what's needed for America. He'll likely address the reluctant Democrats and try to convince them that they are missing the boat on the greatest opportunity since the invention of the wheel. And he'll likely address Americans, albeit indirectly, by trying to incite them to call their Congressional representatives in support of his unwritten plan.

Congress has only weeks before it's recess (the irony that word implies is just too rich), and Obama wants it done. Way to rush it Mr. President. Keep pushing and you'll guarantee it gets killed. And that's a good thing.

So just a quick temperature check before the speech. These ratings will likely still get a bump after his address tonight, but I suspect they won't be as big or prolonged as they were on previous attempts at pinning the ratings up.

Here's Rasmussen;

Here's the data dump from Gallup;

Let's look again in a few days.

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