July 23, 2009

Press Conference Yawner

I know this is supposed to be big. It's about the life or death of Obamacare. It's about the Obama legacy and the possible ruination or 'crowning achievement' of his Presidency. There are trillions of dollars at stake and the possible ruination of the economy.

I'm supposed to be this rabidly political guy (and I am). But I just couldn't draw up much enthusiasm for this propaganda conference of Obama's last night. But this was my impression of the press conference:

Honestly, it held all the attraction of an unending egg timer. It was his fourth prime time press conference. That's something that Bush took 8 years to manage. Perhaps we were being spoiled by President Bush - his press conferences were no shining lights either. But he did manage far too few of them, just as Obama is doing far too many. They both offered different types of frustration. One had too little information - especially in light of the fact that 2 wars were being fought. The other has too little information - the press conferences reveal NOTHING other than getting more air time for The One in order to prop up his flagging job approval numbers and thereby help his Obamacare effort.

He didn't speak truthfully. Even the Associated Press is starting to figure that out. He didn't offer details. He attacked Republicans (as I'd expected). Really, there was nothing new there. It was for the purpose of getting his face out there again in prime time and remind everyone about the feel-good days of the Obama victory and then flip that energy into a pro-Obamacare direction. It just might fail this time.

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