July 4, 2009

Saturday Learning Series - Yesterday, Tomorrow and You

James Burke's final installment in the Connections series - Yesterday, Tomorrow and You.  James Burke is the CSI investigator of historical connectivity.  His series is fascinating viewing. 

Thanks again to JamesBurkeWeb for compiling this series and the assessment of the series conclusion which is spot on;
With his powerful closing remarks, Mr. Burke discusses the imminent information explosion that [was] about to occur and the growing awareness by the average person that they know so little about so much. And that this lack of knowledge amounts to an ever-increasingly crippling factor towards their power to change and mould their own futures. 
For more in this series, search Nonsensible Shoes for "Saturday Learning Series".

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Some things to think about.  Go ahead, thinking won't hurt you.  Don't let leaders think for you.

Next up - Milton Friedman's Free to Choose series.

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