July 8, 2009

Obama - still trending down

Maybe it takes looking like an annoyance to a Russian leader to keep the Obama trend trajectory moving along. In any case yesterday's Rasmussen Reports Presidential index showed this;

Overall approval according to Rasmussen is at 52% versus 47% disapproval - his worst showing yet.

Meanwhile Gallup has his approval at a relatively sky high 58% and his disapproval at a measly 35%. That's still his worst disapproval showing and close to his worst approval rating yet by Gallup's standards.

Interestingly if you look into the Gallup numbers his eroding support is among conservatives down from 40% to 25% in June. The high initial approval rating from conservatives could have be attributed to respecting the office rather than the policies or the candidate. Still, I find it hard to believe that Obama's support among conservatives would ever be 40%, and that given his track record it would be as high as 25% today.

Gallup also shows Democrat support is at 89%, down from 91% - in other words, flat. And Independent support has barely eroded from 62% at inauguration to 59% in June. Not all Democrats are as left leaning as President Obama, and Independents certainly aren't. So the Gallup numbers are suspect as far as I'm concerned.

Both polls show are showing natural downward trend, Gallup's is agonizingly slow while Rasmussen's has been a steady change. The decline is inevitable, it's just the rate and/or depth of the decline that is in question.

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