July 20, 2009

Family Business Notion Disabused

Time for some pure liassez faire capitalism. People often like to think of the company they work for as a family. While that quaint notion may be plausible in many instances you do yourself no favor. particularly in a recession, to blindly believe that is the case for you. After all, while an employer may see it that way, when push comes to shove, and he or she has to choose between laying off some employees or eventually all of them, how do you think they'll react?

If you don't know for sure, it doesn't benefit you to think that way. While you may be unnecessarily paranoid to protect yourself by having a resume prepared, by being ready to find alternatives, and by keepng yourself employable, you are simply keeping your own best interests in mind by staying prepared and staying necessary. It's the free market for labor at it's most basic level - personal.

And it's a variation of the premise of pray for the best and prepare for the worst. You may indeed be in job where your employer is an angel, and you may be safe. If so, you are lucky. Even still why chance anything less than 100% certainty? Keep learning, keep adding value and stay aware of the economy and of what opportunities exist,even if you never intend to pursue them. A choice of jobs is better than no choice. Alway.

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