July 6, 2009

Obama Rattled?

Obama on health care recently said that it was time to stop clinging to an unworkable health care system. The last time he used the word 'cling', it didn't work out so well for him. Something about Bibles and guns...


Since the President clearly choice to waive his right to remain silent, this seems like something that could be used against him in a court of public opinion. I haven't seen the exact quote, just the paraphrase, but even if he didn't say it, there's enough there to indicate that the attitude exists. Elitist.

Shouldn't the President know by now that his words carry implications? It seems like he understands it in a positive sense - he tries to talk his way into public opinion polling bumps. But it also seems like he doesn't get the fact that when he says something negative it has negative impacts too.

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