July 5, 2020

This may be it for my NFL fandom

I've continued to watch the NFL off and on since the Colin Kaepernick foolishness, and through the kneeling during the national anthem and all the wokeness because football is a great game to watch. But now I find myself getting close to the point of no longer being able to support the league with my viewership.  Why?  These two steps too far:

With that, I'll be done. If the NFL insists on driving away many of it's remaining loyal fans in an attempt to woo woke leftists who will never watch it anyway, I'm out. If the NFL insists on committing it's slow roll suicide, so be it. I'd have switched to NASCAR as an option but well, you know - it's probably too late for them now too. I guess I'll have to go back to NHL hockey where it's still mostly about the game.

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