July 10, 2020

Friday Musical Interlude - where that Jimi Hendrix song came from

Jimi Hendrix song Hey Joe was not an original song, it was a song derived from a song that was derived from another song. Tough to follow, right?  Here's a quick explanation and the songs for you to hear for yourself.

Originally some time in the late 1950's, Neila Miller wrote a song called Baby, Please Don't Go To Town. She released it in 1962.

At the time, singer-songwriter Billy Roberts, who would later copyright "Hey Joe," was her boyfriend. The melody wasn’t exactly the same as "Hey Joe", it’s close enough to indicate that it’s was the source for Roberts’ version which he copyrighted in 1962:

That of course led to this famous version recorded by Jimi Hendrix in 1966:

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