July 6, 2020

Which elevates humanity? You tell me.

Compare and contrast the two efforts below.

This is an example of people working together to build something.  It's hard, there's precision needed, teamwork needed, knowledge needed, money needed, planning needed.  In the end, something incredible and purposeful is the result:

Now this is an example of people "working together" to destroy. It's ugly, it makes things worse, and it's not the product of knowledge, precision or planning. It's the product of uninformed rage:

The choice is obvious.  It's not about conformity vs. non-conformity. It's not about capitalism vs. socialism or Marxism.  It's about being a better human being.  It's about doing something to advance society.  How does destruction advance anything?  It does not.  These people are not advocates for change, they are advocates for anarchy.

Here's the thing with ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter - if your effort to "improve society" relies on destruction, you are probably on the wrong side of history.  And you are a horrible human being too  (I was going to say "horrible human being to boot" but some uneducated snowflake would probably be triggered by that because they don't know 'to boot' is an expression meaning 'also').

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