July 24, 2020

Predictions #1: The Fourth Turning

In turbulent times having the ability to predict outcomes is accurately is not just something comforting (or disturbing if the outcome is negative), it provides a massive opportunity to prepare properly and possibly even prosper.  Right now we are going through turbulent times, even though that is nothing new under the sun.  In light of that I've decided occasionally to include a series of posts called Predictions.  I will feature various predictive videos related to predictions about the future.  This is the first instance.  I do not necessarily subscribe to the theories or believe the predictions.  I may or may not.  But in any prediction, theory or idea, there is potential for learning.  It is in that spirit that these predictions are being shared on this blog.

I've always been of the mind that cycles dominate everything from the universe, to life, to economics, to sports, to politics - you name it and it is driven by cycles.  William Strauss and Neil Howe had a book of theirs published in December 1997 called The Fourth Turning.  It predicted the chaos we are seeing today and somewhat prophetically, a COVID-type trigger.  But it goes beyond where we are now and predicts worse to come before it gets better... or worse.

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