July 10, 2020

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a Marxist organization

I had been thinking about doing a post explaining how Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization.  Thank you Prager U for saving me the work and doing a great job at this.  This needs to be shared, not enough people realize this.


  1. Until the racists in the BLM movement, Antifa, self loathing whites, corrupt public officials (many who these very idiots voted in) or whatever can explain or stop ignoring the genocide of black on black shootings in our major cities (no need to restate the facts on this one, they’re out in the open but are not “germaine” to the conversation as to their agenda) it is time for the common sense people to tell them to take their message and blow it out their asses! (sorry)

    It’s beyond obvious they don’t give a damn about other blacks and in fact as their leaders have stated they are avowed trained Marxists! And they expect me to bow to that?

    Sorry charlie! Talk to me once you start respecting your own genocide that you are bringing onto yourselves

    1. They won't do anything about their own genocide because it is not part of the agenda they are pursuing. And no one should be expecting you to bow to anyone. If that's part of their pursuit, they have already lost, it's just that no one realizes it yet.


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