July 5, 2020

What happens when globalists and greedy idiots unite?

In 1997 Hong Kong was returned from British control to China, granting the communist nation a powerful trading opportunity.  The in 2001 China was granted normalized trading relations with the United States (in fact, grotesquely granted Most Favored Nation status) and also entered the World Trade Organization. What happens when Communist China petitions a greedy western cabal of globalists looking for cheap labor and a massive potential market for their products?  Massive problems.
In the spring of 2000, China was trying to become a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO). The U.S. House of Representatives had just approved normalizing trade relations with China. The vote was effectively a U.S. endorsement of China’s accession, and President Bill Clinton, a major proponent of China’s bid, voiced his economic and strategic hopes for the U.S.-China relationship....

China did not conform to democracy in the way the United States had hoped. In fact, its vast economic gains have only legitimized the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which President Xi Jinping believes is central to maintaining economic stability and enabling China to dominate technology-driven industries.

China’s tight government controls extend to the internet, which was supposed to be a gateway to reform and innovation. China regulates internet use, limiting access to commerce and social media. China has blocked political organizing by threatening—and sometimes jailing—those who post critical comments online. The Chinese government also uses the internet to identify and track dissidents.
China's internal issues are not the worst of the outcome though.  China has become an expansionist nation, economically digging its tentacles into every nation it can.  And every other economy has suffered economically, as this graphic shows:

There are countless examples of why the admission of China into the WTO and America's good graces for trade were really really bad.  I encourage you to read the examples below.

Countries have become dependent on Chinese production for most everything.  Even leftist publications like The Atlantic can recognize that.  During the Obama administration in the U.S., China's economic and military muscle flex truly catapulted  into high gear.  It's been left unchecked for far too long until president Trump finally decided to do something about it, and other countries have started to follow suit.  While it has been left far too long to allow this predatory and evil regime to run amok, hopefully it is not to late to put the communist genie back in the bottle.

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