October 18, 2015

Christianity under siege

Despite being the world's most followed religion, Christianity seems to be under assault - from the socialist left, from radical Islam (yet again), from Russia, from atheists and their sympathizers, faux Christians who would rather stand with its persecutors than their fellow Christians (despite evidence to the contrary), and governments, among other groups.

Christianity is under siege. It's unfortunate because so much of Western society, our culture, our beliefs, our once great work ethic, are rooted in Christian principles.  Socialism is not Christian despite what some would have you believe.  And Christianity, and traditional values such as liberty, self-reliance, and morality are good things, not bad things, or things that should bend to other values like collectivism and immorality.  Christianity should not quietly succumb to persecution.  As Christians we should defend our faith and extol the virtues of what is great about Christianity.

Just saying.

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