October 5, 2015

Bernie Sanders, socialist for president

There's an article in The Atlantic about Bernie Sanders, the socialist mayor (back earlier in his career). If that doesn't tell you everything you need to know about why not to vote for him, you're probably a Democrat.
The mayor says, “It’s not welfare. It’s money that never should have been taken from you in the first place, for God’s sake.”

The old woman looks at him and smiles indulgently. She clearly likes the mayor. “I shouldn’t say this,” she tells him, “but I saw you on TV the other night, with my son, when they finish fixing North Avenue? And my son says to me, ‘That Mayor Sanders, he’s a communist, you know.’ And do you know what I say to him?”

Sanders shakes his head no.

“I say to my son, ‘Don’t go around saying such things where intelligent people can hear. They’ll think you are stupid.’”

She laughs, a silvery laugh, and the mayor laughs, too, and rising from the sofa, he puts his huge hands on her tiny shoulders, thanks her and makes sure Thabault has got her address.

Stopping him at the door, the woman says, “I told my son that you’re a socialist, not a communist.”

“Precisely!” the mayor shouts.

I'm a murderer, not a mass murderer. 

Oh really, what do you murder? 

Liberty, self-reliance. Self-respect. But that's all. 

Seems like mass murder to me.

When your best defense is that you are less evil than the alternative, that's weak reason for an endorsement of any kind. Even worse, the woman in the story endorsing Sanders had a French accent. The only thing worse than a socialist or a communist is a French one.  They're so snooty about it.

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