October 20, 2015

So now Fiorina's going to implode? No.

This via Politico indicates that Carly Fiorina's time in the GOP race upper echelon have come to an end:
Carly Fiorina's time near the top of the Republican polls may have come to an end, as another national CNN/ORC poll out Tuesday suggests. Just 4 percent of Republican or Republican-leaning voters said they would cast their votes for her in a primary election, down from 15 percent in September...

Fiorina's poor showing comes a day after she finished in sixth place with 7 percent in a similar NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll of national Republicans.
A few bad polls and you are out? If she quit based on that, then she's not fit to be president. She's surged, after a debate as a matter of fact, and she can do it again. She needs more visibility, and that means another debate because she's not getting the coverage of a Trump or Clinton, and in a crowded field, you need visibility.

But don't expect her to fold.  It's still way too early for that unless your name is Walker or Perry.
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