October 15, 2015

On Youtube Censorship

Disclaimer: I have no prior exposure to Red Pill Philosophy.  I do not purport to know more about his philosophical views, other than the brief exposure to what I've seen in the video below.  Therefore I do not condone or denounce anything beyond what is discussed below.

Regardless of what someone's beliefs are, Youtube censorship of ideas is a dangerous thing.  By censoring via managing it's monetization policies, Youtube is trying to cleverly avoid the label of internet censors.  The ideas may be abhorrent, they may be anathema to Youtube's advertising clients.  But should that simply not mean that advertisers should be able to opt out of that particular user's Youtube videos?  Why is Youtube trying to manage millions of new videos every week, something it simply cannot hope to manage?  Youtube does have the right and obligation to protect itself from supporting slander, inciting of violence etc.  But there has got to be a smarter way.

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