October 6, 2015

Biden - Democrat marketing Wizard. Huh?

???,   ??!
If Joe Biden wants to enter the race for the Democratic nomination for president and he wants to win (or at least torpedo Bernie Sanders), this is marketing genius. True it happened back in August, but the seed has been planted. And maybe that's affecting his poll numbers positively and Hillary's negatively. Who knows, maybe Sanders' numbers negatively as well.
At the end of August, while friends were still worrying aloud that he was in the worst mental state possible to be making this decision, he invited Elizabeth Warren for an unannounced Saturday lunch at the Naval Observatory. According to sources connected with Warren, he raised Clinton’s scheduled appearance at the House Benghazi Committee hearing at the end of October, even hinting that there might be a running-mate opening for the Massachusetts senator.

Biden and Warren were alone that afternoon, and those around them have been particularly secretive about the meeting. Warren’s spokesperson didn’t return requests for comment.

"His bet is that disaffection with Hillary will allow him to peel away some of her donors and operatives,” former Obama adviser David Axelrod, who’s spoken about the race with the vice president, told The Associated Press last week, trying to sum up the approach.
Biden, smart as a slow fox (or something like that).

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