October 5, 2015

Your Warnings Mean NOTHING!

Vladimir Putin doesn't give a damn about John Kerry's warning that Russian planes flying over Turkey risk being shot down.  He really doesn't Obama blinked on Iran in 2010 and has been blinking like a mole exposed to a 10 million volt spotlight ever since.

Putin meanwhile, does not care what American leaders say. He's going to do what he wants. Actions might change his mind, but that's been noticeably lacking from this administration.
The first thing to understand about Vladimir Putin is that he’s not content just to win. He has to destroy his opponents, foreign or domestic.

His deeds may be despicable and his manners far too crude for the Upper West Side, but the guy is a force of nature, a man who — by sheer strength of will — has used a broken country and its rusting military to change the world. Meanwhile, our astonished president sulks like a high school girl stood up by her boyfriend (“But Vladimir . . . you promised!”)...

Expect a lot more aggression and violence from Putin between now and Inauguration Day 2017. Obama’s delusional worldview — that of a narrow-shouldered, bleeding-heart undergraduate at a second-rate university — is a gift to Putin that keeps on giving. (In almost seven years in office, Obama still hasn’t grasped that words don’t stop bullets.)
Putin has his own path, and he won't flinch in following it. Not with mamby pamby Chamberlainian leadership in America. Not with China threatening more and more to replace Russia as the Asian superpower. Kerry, your warnings really mean nothing.

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