October 28, 2015

Interim reactions on the CNBC GOP debate

On the fly observations of the GOP debate.

Who seems to be doing well:

Cruz - an effective gotcha on the panel's gotcha style questioning. A big round of applause followed.
Rubio - just an overall good job on multiple questions - enough to get him a second look as a lot of people's second choice.
Fiorina - an effective education job on government's role, crony capitalism, and she came across as warmer and more likable.
Christie - the global warming junk aside, he was clear on multiple subjects and just the right amount of forceful and indignant when needed.
Trump - he came across as softer and slightly more likable, which is something he needs.


Kasich - started by disrespecting others on the panel and otherwise did not capture the hearts and minds to keep his candidacy alive.
Carson - good, but uninspiring answers shows he's lacking in the charisma that's needed to win.
Huckabee - seemed too scripted on topics like Social Security.
Paul - invisible, but it didn't seem like it was his fault - he didn't get into the main frays much.  He needed to do so.
Bush - I look at him and I think he's just so unconnectable to voters, $40 billion dollars in PAC money would not be enough to get him elected

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