October 19, 2015

Yep, Canada took a sharp left

Not another Trudeau.  That very name makes Obama seem like a National Review conservative. Justin Trudeau's father Pierre Elliot Trudeau, the most liberal prime minister Canada has ever seen, did a lot of damage to the country during his tenure.   Now his son has been handed a majority government by a lot of gullible voters and promises to do more of the same.

This does not bode well for Canada.  When a platform includes features legalizing marijuana and a destructive tax increase for the 1% (which actually affects a lot more people than 1%), you know things are not going to go well.

Conservatives had a good lengthy of run but they ironically in an effort to be more moderate ended up just being dull.  They didn't make a noticeable difference and did not electrify their base.  Indeed they managed annoy a lot of potential voters during the election cycle by appearing heartless on Syrian refugees - not wrong, just heartless.  They were the authors of their own demise.  They had no reason to lose, but a lackluster four years and a lackluster election campaign, they blew an election they could have, and should have won.  In four years the Liberal party will undo the the last decade of conservative advances.  

It's a shame.

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