October 15, 2015

Democratic Debate on CNN

I watched the Democratic debate the other night on CNN.  I think it's worth mentioning that Anderson Cooper did a decent job.  There were no great moments, but I did notice that Hillary Clinton tried to create space between herself and Bernie Sanders and that was important.  While Sanders remained true to his socialist roots he tried maintain that he did value America's entrepreneurial spirit, he believed that America had a lot to learn from countries like Sweden and Denmark.

Clinton, pounced - subtly.  It was a shrewd move, if not a deceptive one.  She isn't that far from Sanders in many respects.  But she positioned herself as a capitalist, but trying to win votes on both the left and right, she talked about small business versus big business and maintained that occasionally we (meaning government presumably) have to do things to save capitalism from itself.  That no doubt includes wealth re-distribution and/or crippling regulation.

Another thing that stood out - no one seems to care about Hillary's email trouble.  Why?  Because it's a black eye on her and the party.  Kudos again to Cooper for stating that many people do care about it.

Another observation - Martin O'Malley was drab.  He isn't likely to get traction from the debate that translates into polling success.  Could that be the cue for Joe Biden to get in the race?

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