March 8, 2012

Q: Does this damage Obama?

Apparently the president's team kept this hidden in 2008 during his election run.  Now they don't care.  Why not?  Is it somehow less damaging than before?

First some context via Sean Hannity on Fox, interviewing the Brietbart team who brought this to light.  Who was this guy Obama was endorsing - what did he stand for and why do they think it might matter:

Is this enough to damage Obama in 2012. Not alone. Ogletree thinks it won't matter now. But Breitbart's comment at CPAC last month was that they had videos, plural. This is merely a tease, as is the Breitbart style with these damaging videos. The method is to release them in drips and allow the defenders time to corner themselves in defense of themselves. Remember the ACORN scandal? I don't see that happening this time. Again, not yet. But it does give people time to investigate Bell whom Obama had clearly embraced. And who knows what else Big Government has to unveil?

But does it matter to voters? In the face of high unemployment and record deficits and the previous radical associations by the president, to those who don't like the president this may just be an "I told you so" moment. But for those who support Obamacare, and green energy it may be a "so what?" Until this gets some legs it won't turn any tide of opinion. It doesn't yet have legs.

How does it start to get legs? People need to ask who this professor Bell was. Did he really believe in an American society of permanent racism?  He said he did.

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