March 30, 2012

Good Friday Reads

Some good reading/viewing today:

We the people has a chilling video on Muslim intolerance of British people, in Britain.

Left Coast Rebel notes a lot of the same points in response to Krugman's foolishness as I did.

Right Wing News has a piece on the left's continued use of the Alinsky tactic of dehumanization.

Pundit and Pundette wonder whether Ryan on a Romney ticket takes the edge off.

Rational Nation USA notes the Ryan endorsement of Romney is about pragmatism at the expense of principle.

Angry White Dude has a photo essay on the double standards of racism.

Chicks on the Right on the extent of the cancer of the entitlement mentality.

Common Cents happily note that since the 'scandal' Rush Limbaugh's ratings are up 10% to 60%.

Proof Positive - Skittles at a gun fight.

King Shamus thinks that it doesn't matter what the Supreme Court decides on Obamacare - liberals won't care.

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