March 23, 2012

Why I agree with Bill Maher

When blowhards suck.
I never thought I'd see the day I could look at Bill Maher and say "yeah, he got that one right". He called the 9/11 terrorists brave. That's just one of his many outrageous statements. But this time he has happened to reach the right conclusion, albeit by an unlikely path.

Bill Maher is calling on America to stop the phony outrage. Now, it didn't bother him when he was using truly foul language to tar Sarah Palin. He has claimed edgy is his thing, unlike Limbaugh.

But once the left's Alinsky tactics were turned on him byt the right, suddenly it became every man for himself. He couldn't say the right should stop it's phony outrage but it's okay for the left to do so. So Maher threw his lefty pals en masse under the bus to protect his own skin.

Everyone should stop the phony outrage he says. So he can continue to be edgy without consequence. The price - people will have to let people say unpleasant things. That's the price of the valuable First Amendment. I agree.

The Maher conclusion only came after he couldn't have it both ways any longer. So be it and kudos to the right for using a smart tactic - isolate and demonize Maher - to achieve this end.

But let's face it Maher has left himself an out. He said only phony outrage should stop. Who decides what is phony? I suspect Maher will have his own barometer as to what qualifies. In other words, wait a few months and it will be liberal business as usual.

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