March 8, 2012

If a tree falls in space, does anyone hear it scream?

If I were a comedian who thought I knew everything about politics and tried to come across as an expert on that subject, of course I'd be a liberal.  Why?  Because no matter what line I crossed, those I supported would REFUSE to condemn me for my line crossing behavior, and we could all go along happily living our hypocritical lives.

That explains Bill Maher:

Unbelievable bald-faced hypocrisy.  And I've now spent more time on Bill Maher than I ever intended to spend.

As for Rush, what he said, he apologized for it, and his insulting words while vulgar,  were related to the point he was tring to make.  Maher's invectives were designed to be hurtful and related only to liberal rage.  Rush was complaining about a law student demanding her birth control be paid for, Maher just hated Sarah Palin and wanted to spew bile at her - it was not related to her ideas.  It was not even an attack on her ideas.  It was misogynistic hatred and nothing more.  But liberals won't  disavow him because he sent them money. [Warning - foul language]

That is truly sickening.

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