March 20, 2012

THIS is our guy?

Desperate times call for bad decisions?
Mitt Romney gets another key endorsement, proving once again he's er, on the side of the poor?  Really GOP - this is who we want to go with?  This is the guy who will stand up to Obama and the media's withering attacks on his flip flopping and more importantly his disconnect with the common man?
Restore Our Future, a super PAC supporting Mitt Romney, got a boost in February from an industry that is currently under fire by the Obama administration: payday lenders.

At least seven payday lending companies threw their support - and a cumulative $227,500 - toward Mitt Romney's super PAC in February, according to the PAC's latest FEC filings. Meanwhile, the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is increasingly targeting those companies, which offer small, short-term loans secured against a customer's next pay-check, often with high interest rates, in its oversight of financial institutions.

Restore Our Future declined to comment to CBS News on whether or not they had made any overtures to the payday lending industry.
Okay, I understand the industry's interest in supporting a candidate who is NOT attacking them.  But the economy is in the terrible to tepid range.  The candidate who just said voters should vote for the other guy if they want free stuff is being backed by an industry who are taking advantage of those living paycheck to paycheck or worse (a significant portion of the population).

Forget that the Obama administration is taking out a massive payday loan for America.  Forget Obama not having a problem with financial support for his candidacy coming from an insensitive, crude sexist like Bill Maher.  The Romney issues will be the focus of the media disdain from now until election day.  I ask again:  THIS is our guy?  Really?

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