March 9, 2012

I've got nothing

Democrats - a show about nothing.
Seriously. I've got absolutely nothing.  It's been a busy, tiring week and I haven't had much of a chance to post anything.  Normally that'd be fertile ground because there would be far too many things to comment on and I'd actually have trouble deciding what to blog about.  Actually that's not really the problem.

There's all sorts of things to write about.  Like this, or this or this or this.  But I've got nothing.  Partly because I'm a bit tired but mainly because these sort of stories just keep coming and people don't seem to catch on to the silliness of these things. It just allows them to continue to happen over and over again. Month after month, stories about ridiculousness appear again and again and far too many people see those stories and either the truth doesn't sink in or else they don't connect the dots.  Most times they don't notice anything about the story because it's not about Lady Gaga or Ashton Kutcher, or tomorrow's weather or the sports score.

People aren't paying enough attention, and when they do, they get half the story - usually the half the press wants them to hear.  This is why Democrats can continue to win.  This is why Obama has a shot at re-election, and why sometimes I am just at a loss for words.

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