March 15, 2012

Big picture stuff

Stepping out of the day-to-day primary campaigns that get bogged down in tactical considerations and arguments, it’s good once in a while to step back and look at the bigger picture.  There are a number of important strategic considerations for the GOP and for conservatives to consider going into the general election.  

I’d like to offer my perspective on them over the next few days.  Keep an eye out for posts. On the topics below.

(1) How is the GOP going to be perceived coming out of the nomination process? 

(a) Is the battle hurting all the candidates?
(b) Should the GOP allow Ron Paul a prime time slot?

(2) What position will the eventual nominee be in to face Obama? 

(a) Are they damaged by the nomination fight? 
(b) Are they painted into a corner on issues they've spoken on, or will they need to flip-flop? 
(c) What is their financial situation? 
(d) Are they facing a conservative split? 
(e) Who is the VP selection? How do they help or hurt the ticket? 

(3) What type of general election campaign will they run? 

(a) What type of campaign can they run? 
(b) What can they afford to run? 
(c) What will the debates look like, and will they help? 
(d) Will the media coverage big a big hurdle? How big?

And how does all of that tie together? I'll take a stab at answering those questions over the next few days.  It's important stuff that the candidates should be thinking about.  While you'd assume they are, some of their short term tactical moves seem to contradict smart big picture thinking.

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