March 22, 2012

Obama converting Air Force One to solar power

Did I miss that headline, or does the anti-drilling, anti-oil, anti-working-energy-sources president not care that he is jetting about the country burning immense amount of fuel for personal gain - his re-election?

If the president were serious about his "oceans stop rising" rhetorical pablum, he'd figure out another option like a solar powered Air Force One. Or maybe he just wouldn't jet around the country for personal appearances a l a Al Gore.  But you know he isn't serious. He's just after one more voting block - the cadre of brainwashed environmentalists who think mother earth is on death's door thanks to us humans. 

The thing that really irks me about it is that the president who clearly wants to force green energy on the private sector has a different standard for himself and/or government. For all his rhetoric about class warfare and the 5%, all really wants to do is change who is in that 5% group of privileged (both financially and with unlimited access to fossil fuel) and make sure he's part of it.

Don't believe me environmentalists?  Then ask yourself why is he agreeing to release strategic petroleum reserves to try to manage gas pump prices when there is a reason the are called strategic reserves? It's because he wants pump prices lower, for now - so he can get re-elected.  It's about him, not your precious mother earth.  It never was.

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