June 7, 2016

After Puerto Rico, Hillary has her artificial win

Add in the Superdelegate party insiders who pre-backed Hillary Clinton, and regardless of whether Bernie Sanders sweeps the vote in California and other states today, Clinton has "won" the "Democratic" party nomination for president;
SAN FRANCISCO — Unbridled fury about the media and the Democratic establishment rippled through a crowd of Bernie Sanders supporters here Monday after reports that Hillary Clinton had clinched the Democratic presidential nomination...

Turning toward the Democratic superdelegates who do not formally vote until the convention, Sanders said they should look hard at polling data and argued that he is best positioned to take on Trump in the fall campaign.
Bernie Sanders will continue on, in the hope only rto drag the party further left.  I would have laughed at the conundrum for the party as Hillary would need to keep moving left and moving out of contention versus Trump (or any Republican nominee who might have won for that matter), but now I'm actually concerned.  Because as Hillary tacks leftward, even after clinching the nomination the thought of her winning is that much scarier.  So I'm currently a bit perplexed.  There should be some clarity once we reach the Democratic and Republican conventions.  At least I hope that will be the case.

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