June 8, 2016

Trump haters on the right, ask yourself this question.

In 2008 you implored John McCain to take the fight to Obama.  He did not.  In 2012 you held your nose and voted for Mitt Romney despite the fact that his debating style was Marquess of Queensberry Rules when he was in a street fight with a political adversary and never even realized it.

What we wanted was someone with the teeth to take the fight to Democrats.  We wanted someone with the intellectual prowess of William F. Buckley and the oratory skill and charisma of Ronald Reagan.

We didn't get all of that.  We got a fighter though.  Donald Trump certainly has teeth and it has been lacking in the Republican nominees since Ronald Reagan - both Bush presidents possessed neither rapier wit nor the seeming urge to fight. Bob Dole?

So ask yourself, even if Trump is not the ideal candidate for you, is he a fighter?  Will he take the fight to Hillary? And will he be better than Hillary?

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