June 26, 2016

Team Bush lining up behind Hillary is good news for Trump

Hank Paulson, A Bush insider has endorsed Hillary Clinton.  No really. If ever there were a wedge for Democratic voters blind support of Hillary Clinton, a Bush team endorsement, or a Bush endorsement, would be it.  Remember, the second Bush was Hitler according to those on the left.  A flood of Bush team support for Hillary Clinton might be enough to push Sanders supporters into the Trump camp.  

It's a weird circumstance.  But it is a dramatic opportunity for Trump, and for the GOP.  Think about it - if there's no difference between Bush and Clinton, why vote Clinton if you are fed up with a status quo that's leaving the middle class behind? And if Bushites are supporting Hillary, is there really any real difference between the two?

And the wave of anti-establishmentarianism isn't just evident in the U.K. BREXIT vote.  Iceland just elected a novice outsider too. It's hitting closer and closer to home.

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