June 21, 2016

De-urbanization redux

Back in early May I wrote about future de-urbanization and I asked what you thought about it.  Someone else has been thinking about it, and here's their thoughts - good news for the GOP. I don't agree with everything in this article, but this much I can agree with:
...This is told as a fantastic story of human empowerment and social transformation, which it is. More and more of us are escaping the tyranny of location; thanks to the telecom revolution we can work where we want and when we want.

The rise of telecommuting will lead to better, richer lives. Families will be stronger. The environment will benefit from less commuting. All good.

But it also represents the death of the political philosophy and economic system that the Times is otherwise prepared to defend to the last: the blue social model. If this revolution continues—and it will—fewer and fewer people will be stuck in big, high tax, over-regulated cities. While some will still choose to live there, many, especially those raising children, will not.

In the long run, people who live and work the way that the subject of the Times article does will simply not support the cumbersome procedures and institutions of the bureaucratic state as we know it.
Rural = conservative, at least generally.  One of the very ideals that modern liberalism shoots for - local, local, local - will eventually  be its undoing.

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