June 29, 2016

More on BREXIT

Via The Rebel, a discussion on BREXIT below spurred some thoughts for me, which follow.

Take the opinions out of the equation, there are some parallels that do indeed apply to the United States.  BREXIT does have some implications for the U.S. elections in November, and for Trump in particular, the vote was like a rebuke of the elite, and a rebuke of unfettered globalism. It's more like the equivalent of a vote to leave NAFTA and that plays into Trump's message.

Another concern that comes up as part of a broader question that I  have. Why is it socialists are pushing so hard for globalization?  Why are labor union leaders pushing for trans-nationalism in opposition to the interests of their members whose interests are mostly about secure, good-paying jobs?  Why did the Labor party in the U.K. push so hard to remain in the E.U.?  This is bizarro world stuff.

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