June 30, 2016

Thursday Hillary Bash - Election Fraud

Fraud comes easy when you are a Clinton or the DNC wing of Clinton Inc.  During the primaries a lot of funny (aka likely illegal) stuff went on during the primaries that swung voters magically away from Bernie Sanders and/or towards Hillary Clinton.

Man sites have reported on it but Heavy describes it in a nutshell, interestingly, and not truly surprisingly, the subterfuge is all on the Democratic side:
Huge voter registration problems are plaguing states with closed primaries, leading to allegations of election fraud around the country. People who said they were previously registered Democrat or Republican suddenly found their registrations inactive or their party affiliations dropped, and now they can’t vote in their primary. These problems were a big issue in Arizona, and now they’re being seen in New York, California, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and more.

Many people are concerned election fraud is happening, but others think it could be widespread clerical errors. Either way, the problem is affecting people’s ability to vote. Is your voter registration affected, too?
Don't expect these sort of hijinx to disappear in the general election. If Trump is within whistling distance of Clinton in the polls, the dirty tricks will be in full effect. If he's actually leading, watch for dead voters, illegal immigrant voters, phantom voters and any other sort of phony voter the DNC can muster to bury Hillary's rival using as many fictional people as necessary.

Addendum:  Let's not forget hacking voting machines as a Clintonista option.  There's a good article about it here.

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