June 26, 2016


Donald Trump was not my first choice for Republican nominee for president.  He's loud, obnoxious, un-practiced and quite frankly unseemly.  He's still a better choice than Hillary Clinton and #NeverHillary is reason enough to vote for him.  So too are his suggested Supreme Court nominees.

That said, I can't help but feel that Trump's play on immigration and trade deal populism is indicative of two things:
(1)  Trump quite possibly has a keen awareness of what the electoral issues will be (or are) this cycle.
(2)  Trump possibly views the Republican electorate as a bunch of bumpkins, rubes and Neanderthals with archaic views of the world that he can subsume in order to get himself elected.

It's not a flattering view.  And there's a downside to it:  should Trump win, the Washington elite and media intelligentsia will savage conservative voters as knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers with the IQ of a wet stick.  True, they already do that, but they'll double down on the attacks.  Trump's path to victory plays right into their hand should he win.

But it will be worth it to derail a Hillary Clinton presidency.  Let me be clear, it's not because she's a woman.  It's because she's a closet progressive, she's an inveterate liar, she's a self-obsessed, she's money hungry and puts personal interest in wealth and power ahead of national interest.  Hillary Clinton would be at best marginally better than Obama and at worst, even worse than that very low bar.

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