August 23, 2014

WTF is this all about?

That's Beijing Magazine has published video of a giant screen in downtown Beijing that is broadcasting an endless loop of bad news that has recently unsettled Americans, including the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, and an ISIS militant preparing to execute journalist James Foley. To say the least, it's in questionable taste...
The explanation is actually not surprising when it comes to communist China, or China in general. The typically inward looking nation is not poised to become a global superpower if its inward focus dominates. A video like this reinforces that way of thinking.

Communist Russia used to broadcast only bad news about the west, particularly America on its own newscasts. Propaganda value always trumped truth. China`s communist leaders seem to be following that playbook. The irony is that it reinforces an inward Chinese focus that is a real hurdle to China becoming a major international influence on geopolitics.

And, it's just in really bad taste.

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