August 23, 2014

Post-War president checks we can go to war?

Let's be clear - I've had it up to here.
I'm starting to wonder whether it's pure coincidence that president Obama is visibly checked out, disengaged and seemingly bored with the presidency.  With ISIL/ISIS ramping up big time and the threat level increasing dramatically and alarm bells being sounded practically everywhere, why the disconnect?

I think president realizes the threat level but because his foreign policy credentials are sinking like a stone, he doesn't want to lose his absolute approval floor. Those have been set in large part by the anti-war crowd.  Realizing this, he might be trying to put pressure on Congress to declare war on ISIS so that he doesn't have to act unilaterally.  Instead he will be forced to act upon that declaration - with no blood on his hands.  And there will be blood - a serious response to ISIS will be messy.

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