August 20, 2014

Wednesday Warren Warning - What's she on about now?

Elizabeth Warren would clearly make a meddlesome president.  Where Obama sticks his nose into local matters like Ferguson and having a beer summit instead of looking at national and international matters that he's supposed to be focused, expect Warren to follow.

She's stuck her nose into a local(ish) labor dispute.
BOSTON (CBS) – Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday criticized Market Basket executives saying they needed to realize the impact the company stalemate has had on workers and communities.

“They have shown a real disregard for frankly all that those employees have built up for years and years,” Warren told WBZ NewsRadio 1030. “Until they have the idea that they are part of the community and trying to build something of value going forward, it’s pretty tough to get this one back on track.”
Yes, it has economic impact, but her giving advice to a company in regard to a labor dispute is like Ronald Reagan trying to advise the teamsters how to organize. I take that back - nothing about Warren is anything like Reagan.

Once again she sticks with the "You didn't build that theme". How insulting. Warren, you certainly didn't build it so just shut up and let the two sides work out their differences. You don't think Market Basket wants to preserve their relationship with the community???? Stop trying to dictate things and trying to scold a business that has done far more than you ever have.

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